Sunday, November 16, 2008

With regards to Migraine

Now that I think about it, it doesn't really work the way I want it to. The card lets ME choose the modes and then give that spell to the opposing player (modes are chosen before it goes on the stack). That just doesn't really jive with what I want to do there.

I have an idea that if the card makes the opponent choose their poison, it would work as intended. Perhaps if I choose to make it just be special in it that something like "an opponent chooses modes instead of you when you announce this spell". I don't think that works either. Wow...having an opponent choose something for you is...near impossible under the current rule settings. Perhaps enchantment?

Migraine UURR
Sacrifice ~: Target player chooses and does two of the following: sacrifice a land, discard the top 10 cards of his or her library to the graveyard, and/or Migraine deals 2 damage to you and you may put an enchantment token named "Migraine" with this ability into play.

Probably won't work either. lol

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