Friday, August 24, 2007

Dokuro-chan 2

So Dokuro-chan is back and online again. And you know what? It's pretty much the same type of messed up anime as it was before. The thing about Dokuro-chan now is that there are scenes where it's "too violent" to be shown or some other reason similar to that, and shows Monkey Dude along with random aerial shots of some island or the sky. I think the animators are just cutting down on the budget myself though. I mean, you get to see what happens after (sort of), so you have an idea of what happened anyway. Ah whatever, it's still pretty funny, and it still has the same winning formula: fan service, humour, and violence. The problem is that the gore is toned down nowadays, so it's not as good as before.

Also, it doesn't explain why Zakuro all of a sudden is in their house AND is no longer hunting Sakura, nor what happened to Sakura's parents. Oh well, this series was not made to make sense anyway.

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