Monday, August 27, 2007

Rockstar Scandal?

Here's something from the conspiracy theories.

I was at the Pure Pwnage booth on Saturday and there was one interesting thing that did happen. Jarett from PP (who plays Jeremy) was talking apparently with a graphics artist for Rockstar when I was just standing there. It IS partially a gaming expo after all, and WCG, WUVG (or w/e that was), Intel, etc. were all there, so I don't think I would personally doubt that the guy would just be randomly lying about where he was from.

Either way, the news of Manhunt 2 going to Mature was already done by that time, so the question naturally was put out. What I found interesting was that he said that they simply decreased the blood content and changed the camera angles for the graphic execution scenes. I asked if the controls for the Wii would be changed, and was given an emphatic no. Have fun with this bit of controversy.

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